"RUGGED-HIDE" Waxed By Hand and Drum Washed


Made from natural full-grain cowhide leather. The Rugged-Hide leather series is produced in a special highly compley procedure.

First the premium-quality untreated leather is rubbed manually with natural wax and oils, the product thus takes on its natural colour and plump. Then the product is processed without lining and metal parts, in the next work step, this raw product is rugged in the leather drum, which gives the leather its final colour and its distinctive natural look, making each product a "unique".

The procedure makes the product resistant, colourfast and above all very robust.

Only in zhe last working step, lining and metal parts are incorporated.

High-quality massive locks and metal parts, as well as smooth-running YKK metal zippers provide the product with the "final touch".


* carry it with pride *



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RUGGED HIDE handmade

308 - 3 piece wallet

Zip Wallet Unisex Color: 24-rugged-brown / 26-rugged-jeans


313-24 Casual Old School Style Unisex "Jagos"

Briefcase and school satchel Colours: 24-rugged-brown / ...


318-24 - Backpack Old School Style "Jerome"

Backpack XL - Unisex Colours: 24-rugged-brown / ...

322-24 -Sport Bag, Roller Bag "Jorck"

Sport Bag weekender casual Colours: 24-rugged-brown / ...


323-24 - Business Messenger "Jamal"

Business Bag Messenger Bag high size Colour: ...


324 Casualbag Unisex "Jantjel"

Casualbag Unisex "Jantjel"


327-24 - Original Biker Wallet "Two"

Original Bilder Wallet Colours: 24-rugged-brown / ...


331-24 - Casual Bag - Pouch Bag

Casual Bag Colours: 24-rugged-brown / 26-rugged-jeans


334 Casualbag

Corss-Bodaybag Unisex Color: 24-rugged-brown / ...


337 Casual Breifcase

Casualbag - Origin - Aktenmappe ...


339 Casual Citybag

Casual Citybag


340 Casual-Citybag

Casual Citybag

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